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ECCG6 proceedings will be published after a peer-review in a special themed issue of
Journal of Crystal Growth - Elsevier (VSI: ECCG6)


Dear Colleagues,

The deadline for evaluation of ECCG6 posters by the corresponding session chairs for invitation of participants to submit manuscript to VSI: ECCG6 special issue of Journal of Crystal Growth is over. Unfortunately, nearly half of the session chairs did not send their preferences and evaluation and therefore a large group of the participants will be excluded from the opportunity to publish after peer review procedure their contribution in this special issue. In order to overcome this out of balance situation, the Organizing Committee decides to open the manuscript submission to all registered participants in ECCG6. Let us stress that the Journal Editors will strictly follow the highest standard for publication in VSI: ECCG6 Journal of Crystal Growth. All deadlines already announced remain the same.

Note: Every paid registration fee allows one manuscript to be submitted for peer review procedure.

date: 19.11.2018





Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that the Elsevier Editorial System is ready for article submissions to the special issue of Journal of Crystal Growth - VSI: CRYS_ECCG6.

Due to the limited number of papers, that can be published in VSI: CRYS_ECCG6, the submission procedure will be done by the following regulation:

1. All lecturers (plenary, invited and oral) are encouraged to submit their manuscripts for peer-review evaluation (incl. the two authors awarded for the best ECCG6 posters).

2. All poster presentations will undergo precise selection and evaluation by the corresponding session chairs and the chairs of ECCG6. Exclusively, the authors of approved poster contributions will be invited to submit their manuscripts for peer-review evaluation.

It is important to point out that this regulation is required by the publishing policy of high scientific quality and rigorous evaluation criteria of the Journal of Crystal Growth, Elsevier.



1. All lecturers (plenary, invited and oral) have to declare by e-mail their intention (yes/no) to submit manuscripts for peer-review evaluation and publication in VSI: CRYS_ECCG6.
Deadline 12 November 2018.

2. All Session chairs have to submit their nominations from the poster contributions included in the conference session they have been in charge.
Deadline 16 November 2018.

3. Manuscript submission for peer-review evaluation of the already selected contributionsas follows from point 1 and point 2 given above.
Deadline 31 January 2019.

The maximum length of manuscripts is restricted to 4 pages for contributed and 8 pages for invited papers. 

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