Invited Lectures



SESSION 1: Fundamentals of Nucleation and Crystal Growth
Romain Grossier (link); Title "Crystal nucleation in microdroplets"
Wim Noorduin (link); Title " Controlling nucleation, growth and form of bio-inspired minerals "
Frank Glas (link); Title "The driving force for truncation formation  at the liquid-solid interface during nanowire growth"
Lius Zеpeda-Ruiz (link); Title "Nucleation and crystallization kinetics in simple melts: modelling basic phenomena"

SESSION 2: Bulk Crystal Growth
Alexandre Tallaire (link); Title "Controlling defects during the growth of large size diamond single crystals by plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition"
Biao Wang (link); Тitle "The automatic growth system with in-situ interface detection and energy-saving features"
Stefan Ecklebe (link); Title "Control of the VGF Process I: Feedforward Control and Flatness Based State Feedback"

SESSION 3: Surfaces, Interfaces, Epitaxial Growth, Thin Films
Jesus Zuniga Perez (link); Title "Growth of semipolar GaN by MOVPE: from patterned substrates to high-quality templates"
Jonas Johansson (link); Title "Understanding the composition of epitaxially grown ternary III-V nanowires"
Yu Liu (link); Title "Semiconductor / ferromagnetic insulator InAs/EuS epitaxy"

SESSION 4: Structural Defects and Impurities in Crystalline Materials
Helmut Klapper (link); Title " The generation of growth dislocations by inclusions and growth-face damages: an experimental study"
Per Persson (link) Title "The application of advanced electron microscopy in 3D and 2D materials"

SESSION 5: Crystal Growth and Characterization of Nanostructures, Low-dimensional and Confined Systems
Joan Redwing (link) Title "Epitaxy of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides"
Simon Watkins (link) Title "Novel methods for the growth and characterization of single nanowire semiconductor structures"
Michael Tringides (link) Title "Non-classical, explosive nucleation and collective, multi-atom diffusion in epitaxial metallic films"

SESSION 6: Crystallization of Inorganic Materials
Michał Boćkowski (link) Title "Bulk growth of GaN - status, perspectives and trends"
Denis Gebauer (link) Title "Amorphous intermediates in crystallization: from polyamorphism to crystal growth and superstructure formation"

SESSION 7: Crystallization in Organic and Biological Systems
Dominique Maes (link) Title "Do protein crystals and aggregates go with the flow?"
Damir Kralj (link) Title "Interactions between calcite and selected oligopeptides and their functional derivatives"

SESSION 8: Industrial Crystallization, Technologies and Process Control
Stéphane Veesler (link) Title "Microfluidics crystallization in tubes (nucleation, optimization, screening...)"
Adrian Flood (link) Title " New Developments in Temperature Cycle Induced Deracemization "

SESSION 9: Novel Materials and Structures
Martin Valldor (link) Title "Anti-Perovskite Lithium Battery Cathodes"
Roberto Fornari (link) Title "Thin films of epsilon-Ga2O3 polymorph: doping, properties and applications"

SESSION 10: New Methods and Techniques for Crystal Growth
Vladimir Golyshev (link) Title "AHP technology: controlled crystal growth from melt"
Zbigniew Galazka (link) Title "New methods for growing thermally unstable oxide single crystals from melt"

SESSION 11: Advances in Observation and Characterization Methods
Cristian Teodorescu (link) Title "Photoelectron spectroscopy and spectro-microscopy techniques in studies of surfaces of ferroelectric materials"





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