Oral Talks

Listed in alphabetical order:


    SESSION 1 (Chairs: Dimo Kashchiev and Elias Vlieg):
    Fundamentals of Nucleation and Crystal Growth

1. Marcel Rost “When Vapor Deforms Metal: Thermodynamics of Deposition Flux dependent Intrinsic Film Stress”
2. Michael Gonik “Axial segregation in crystal growth from a thin melt layer”
3. Noushin Shahidzadeh “Hopper growth of salt crystals”
4. Ondrej Cernohorsky “Hydrothermal growth of ZnO nanorods: modelling of supersaturation in batch and flow reactors”
5. Svetlozar Ivanov “Understanding the initial stages of Si electrodeposition in ionic liquid based electrolytes”


    SESSION 2 (Chairs: Thierry Duffar and Jochen Friedrich):
    Bulk Crystal Growth

1. Andrea Zappettini „New advancements towards spectroscopic grade CdZnTe material by the boron oxide encapsulated vertical Bridgman method”
2. Armands Krauze „3D modeling of growth ridge and edge facet formation in <100> FZ silicon crystal growth process”
3. Frank M. Kiessling „Technology Development of High-Purity Germanium Crystals for Detectors to Be Used in GERDA and LEGEND”
4. Iaroslaw Gerasymov „Methods for luminescence decay control in YAG-based crystals”
5. Maria Tsoutsouva „Growth kinetics and defects associated with the formation of a random grain boundary during Si directional solidification”
6. Martin Klejch „Growth of radiation hard PWO crystals in open furnaces”
7. Mathias Velazquez „Czochralski growth of Li2MoO4 crystals for the scintillating bolometers used in the rare events searches”

    SESSION 3 (Chairs: Knut Deppert and Michal Leszczynski):
    Surfaces, Interfaces, Epitaxial Growth, Thin Films

1. Alexandr NikiforovElastically stressed pseudomorphic GeSiSn film growth”
2. Dmitry Rogilo „Concentration distribution of adatoms and surface vacancies on extremely wide Si(111) terraces during sublimation”
3. Mohsin Qazi „Creeping of salt solutions”
4. Stefano Curiotto „Dynamics of Si surface nanostructures under electromigration”
5. Vladimir Tassev Heteroepitaxy of nonlinear optical material for frequency conversion of laser sources in the mid and longwave IR”

    SESSION 4 (Chairs: Andreas Danilewsky and Rositsa Yakimova):
    Structural Defects and Impurities in Crystalline Materials

1. Carmen Stelian „Effect of the solid-liquid interface shape on the colony type microstructure of directionally solidified Al2O3/Y3Al5O12/ZrO2 eutectic composite”
2. Sergei Sitnikov „Real-time observation of self-interstitial transfer onto an atomically smooth Si(111) surface at gold diffusion into the volume”

    SESSION 5 (Chairs: Josef Novak and Paola Prete):
    Crystal Growth and Characterization of Nanostructures, Low-dimensional and Confined Systems

1. Martin Groenke „Crystal growth of 2D honeycomb transition metal halide MX3 nanosheets by chemical vapor transport (CVT)”
2. Nickolay Sibirev „Comparison of gold and silver catalyzed growth of GaAs nanowires”

    SESSION 6 (Chairs: Dino Aquilano and Alberta Bonanni):
    Crystallization of Inorganic Materials

1. Emel Akyol „The effects of avocado leaves extract on calcium oxalate monohydrate growth: An in vitro study”
2. Henk Huinink „Utilizing solid-solid transitions in crystal hydrates for heat storage”
3. Matias Velazquez „Multiscale characterization of the point defect disorder in high-temperature solution grown crystals of the new phase Sr6Tb0.94Fe1.06(BO3)6”

    SESSION 7 (Chairs: Giuseppe Falini and Stéphane Veesler):
    Crystallization in Organic and Biological Systems

1. Jose Gavira „Protein crystallization in hydrogels, What for?”
2. Linda Pastero „Interactions at the surfaces in bio-apatites”
3. Yi-Yeoun Kim „Bio-Inspired Approaches to Creating Functional Nanocomposite Crystals”

    SESSION 8 (Chairs: Heike Lorenz and Kevin Roberts):
    Industrial Crystallization, Technologies and Process Control

1. Pablo Soladana „Crystal growth and nucleation in continuous microfluidic crystallization platform”

    SESSION 9 (Chairs: Raffaella Lo Nigro and Dorota A. Pawlak):
    Novel Materials and Structures

1. Dmitry Dominskiy „Molecular self-doping controls luminescent and charge transport properties in organic semiconductor single crystals”
2. Dumitru Dumcenco „Growth of van der Waals magnetic semiconductor materials”
3. Ionut Enculescu „Nanowire based electronic devices”
4. Raffaella Lo Nigro „Structural and electrical properties of epitaxial AlN films on GaN grown by low temperature plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition”
5. Dorota Pawlak Plasmonic materials/metamaterials and other novel photonic materials obtained by crystal growth

    SESSION 10 (Chairs: Christiane Frank-Rotsch and Evgeny Zharikov):
    New Methods and Techniques for Crystal Growth

1. Sanne Granneman Magnetic field induced polymorph selection

    SESSION 11 (Chairs: Florinda da Costa and Ionut Enculescu):
    Advances in Observation and Characterization Methods

1. Louiza Ejim Characterization of Continuous Crystallization Deposition on Surfaces




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